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Best thing yet for pet accidents

I have been dealing with pet accidents for a long time and I have never found any pet products that really remove pet odor. Bleach works great for floors and things that will not turn white. Borax for a while did a good job for me. It had no toxic fumes but it had to be swept or vacuumed of floors and mattress.

This fall I was pet sitting a puppy and the owners had Clorox Urine remover. I was told to use the Clorox spray if the puppy had an accident in the house. At night this puppy loved to push open the door and go downstairs to pee on the living room rug. The first time I used this product it was amazing, it really did get the stain and odor out of the carpet and left no mark.

So, I bought it for our own multiple pet home, It is really amazing how it removes urine and it's smell.

I really highly recommend Clorox Urine Remover for any pet home. No sticky residue, so white spots, no more urine smell.

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